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Important note about Recalls!
Some companies will not tell you about their recalls. You have to find Audi recalls on the Internet yourself.

Below is how I found the recalls on my Audi TT.

A friend emailed me an Audi recall he found on the Internet buried deep in a car magazine website.
Note! I reserved email about Audi customer paying to have a new motor put in their Audi.
Audi told them that they ruined the motor because they could not drive correctly.
Remember Audi told me to take a driving test also.

Now read the VW and Audi recall I founded on the Internet.

VW/Audi recalls about 530,000 Cars.
2001, 2002 and 2003 models. Recalled cars include the upscale Audi TT and A4, the VW Golf/GTI, Jetta,
New Beetle and Passat equipped with 1.8 liter four-cylinder engines, the Passat V8, all VWs equipped
with narrow-angle 2.8 liter VR6 engines, and the 3.0 liter V6 Audi.When the ignition coil fails, the car
will run rough or lose power and the "check engine" light will blink. This has stranded Volkswagen and
Audi owners on the roads many of times.

We know that some ignition coils installed in our cars are not up to our high-quality standards," said
Gerd Klauss, president and chief executive officer of Volkswagen. "The right thing to do is to fix every single
car with these coils by replacing them whether they are broken yet or not. That is exactly what we will do as soon
as we have the parts.

"Note! On the Audi talk website Audi owners were making up the problems and crying about nothing.

From Komanelli I emailed Audi to ask about their bad treatment of their customer.
This is another letter I got from them...
From: "Auditalk" <>Subject: RE: Anthony / Date: Dec 2001
Thank you. We will forward your note to the appropriate persons, although the circumstances are already
well known. Please ask yourself if you are sure you know the whole story, and if you can believe everything
you see on the Internet. If any Audi owner feels he has a true grievance he should contact Audi
Client Relations; every case is examined by a Client Advocate. We appreciate your concern;
thank you for writing. MarjorieAudiTalk"

Do a web search on VW and Audi recalls. The number of recalls will shock you.

Warranty Warning!
I’m constantly asked about the Audi warranty.
A warranty will do you no good if; every time Audi/Volkswagen says the car it’s fixed when you get it back.
Audi said my car was fixed over and over.
If Audi/Volkswagen cannot fix the car, what will the warranty do for you? The warranty doesn’t say
anything about Audi/Volkswagen giving you your money back or replacing the Audi with another one.

Invoices__Consequences__Repair Dates__Credit Bureaus__Phone Call__Recalls__BBB__Texas DOT__Email Complaints__Angry Emails__Fraud