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Can Audi/Volkswagen ruin your Credit History? Yes They Will Try!

After going throw two lemon law hearing where the BBB and Texas DOT said my Audi TT was not a lemon.

I stopped paying on the car and purchase another car before Volkswagen ruin my credit.
This tactic was very expensive and unnecessary I found out later.
They wanted me to resale the lemon to an unknowing car customer. That’s what most people do
to get their money back. This is Fraud!
Not a chance!
I would never swindle anyone looking to buy a new car and sale them a Audi/Volkswagen lemon.

The lemon law trials were bogus, and the number of invoice repairs, mint nothing to the BBB and Texas DOT Judge/Arbitrator.

Guess who looked at the number of invoice repairs and basically said the car was a lemon?

The Credit Bureaus
I sent the Credit Bureaus a copy of all the invoice repairs and hearing information.
The Credit Bureaus simply remove Volkswagen off my Credit history.

Volkswagen can’t force you to make payments on a defective car/lemon.
My invoice showed that I kept paying on the Audi TT lemon and I gave Audi/Volkswagen several times to fix’s the car problems that they couldn’t fix’s.
(Note: Audi’s had recalls on there cars. Will Audi tell you about them? NO.)

You should also send the Credit Bureaus a link to any recall you find on the Internet.
Note: Company like Audi will not inform you about their recalls. You have to find them.

The most important information to send The Credit Bureaus
1. Invoice repair documents (I had 13 Invoice)
2. The four-time test for the car to be called a lemon. Play it safe by taking it in six times.
3. Show a record that you never stopped paying on the car. Up to the last bogus repair.

Warranty Warning!
I’m constantly asked about the Audi warranty.
A warranty will do you no good if; every time Audi/Volkswagen says the car it’s fixed when you get it back.
Audi said my car was fixed over and over.
If Audi/Volkswagen cannot fix the car, what will the warranty do for you? The warranty doesn’t say
anything about Audi/Volkswagen giving you your money back or replacing the Audi with another one.

Invoices__Consequences__Repair Dates__Credit Bureaus__Phone Call__Recalls__BBB__Texas DOT__Email Complaints__Angry Emails__Fraud