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From 2001 to 2010 gets email complaint about defective Audi‘s.
The Audi car problems and service advisor stories are always the same.

For those of you that would like to post your email stories on
It's time for you to standup and fight back with your personal website stories.
Tell your story online. Don’t let Audi / Volkswagen take your money
and you do nothing about it.

A network of website can help you and other Audi owners going throughthis nightmare
with Audi of America / Volkswagen. Your online storiescould help Audi car owners
in their count cases.

Anthony Armstrong

----- Original Message -----
From: bizarihome
To: Anthony
Sent: Friday, January 21, 2005 4:22 PM
Subject: My Audi Sucks Too

Hi Anthony,
First, I am very sorry that you have experienced Audi Customer Service Hell, as I have. You see, the 2002 Audi A4
that I currently own has been a total nightmare-completely unreliable, _in _for service repeatedly for such things as
small (but annoying) as blown relays for wipers, stereo and horn malfunctions, a leaky windshield and as major as
oil sludge-caused engine failure (in the shop for over a month while I drove a Mazda piece of shit), and as of
today a blown coil.

I hate this car. _Moreover, _I hate Audi of America who fails to acknowledge this as unacceptable or
compensate he consumer fairly._
Like you and most other customers, I don't expect anything for free and I
don't expect my _xxx _kissed. However, _I do_ expect to be_ treated fairly and with courtesy- when there is a
problem fix_ it as quickly as_ possible. _I paid_ $28,000_ for this car (purchased new) and regret every penny.

I will NEVER_ do business with_ VW/ Audi again. This is sad considering my household has only purchased
Audi's or Volkswagens since 1984.

Buyers please beware.

Good luck Anthony and thank you for your site. When I correspond with Marjorie at Audi Client
Relations, I will be sure to mention this site. :)

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From: Aimee
To: Anthony
Sent: Wednesday, January 05, 2005 6:04 PM
Subject: Re: Anthony

Thats a shame what people have to go through.. and the lemon law is_ a bunch_ of bs too! I could get a divorce faster
than I can get a hearing for my car. I have found that Audi does the bare minimum.. they don't care. Its not the people
that work there.. its that audi wont let them do the work that needs to be done. I'll be happy when this is all over with...
I'm telling everyone I know about your site! What's so hard is that everytime I look at my car I love it! and then I have to
deal with taking it to the shop every 2 weeks.. and it kills me. I guess I'm_ going to go back to American cars once I'm
able to get rid of it....I wanted this car for 5years....its such a disappointment._ I start to think that maybe I just got the
"lemon" and it couldn't possibly be all of them? what do u think? I know that I wont_ EVER own another one.. thats for
sure. I'll keep you posted. Thanks SOOO much for your help.. _I know that nothing makes you feel better.. its like the
car has taken over my life.. so I can only imagine how you felt! _I know that the only way I have a chance at winning is
if I have the car in my possession....ttyl.. thanks again!
UOP Student

----- Original Message -----
From: Alex
To: Anthony
Sent: Wednesday, September 15, 2004 10:12 AM
Subject: RE: Anthony US - Re: Audi TT problems - UK

Hi Anthony,

Good to hear from you.

I have just shot of my first volley to Audi UK threatening legal action.

It took me only one day of research to discover that this problem was common place in the UK, there are
100 of people that are being ripped off and all it would take would be one person to collate the problems
and make a case from it.

I am wondering if we could somehow join hands across the pond to add strength to our cause. This new
web site, I wonder if it would be worth adding a European dimension to it also, now that would make me
sit up and take note. If people were to read on a web site what was happening in the US and then also
in Europe then they would think that this is truly a Audi world problem, this should make Audi sit up or
at least add to the pressure.

What do you think ?

I am fighting mad and will put my time into it.


Before you read this Consumer reports email below. Skip to the bottom line of the email and
_____read it first. I wonder if Consumer Report was paid to do the report like they did?

----- Original Message -----
From: Mark
To: Anthony
Sent: Wednesday, May 28, 2003 9:29 AM
Subject: Consumer reports

June 2002
Audi TT
Highs: Interior craftsmanship, all-wheel drive.

Lows: Ride, noise, shifter feel, view out.

Photos by Tracey Kroll
Body style: Coupe or convertible
Drive wheels: Front or AWD
Trim lines: --
Engine & transmissions: 1.8-liter 4 turbo (180 hp); 1.8-liter 4 turbo (225 hp); 5-speed manual,
6-speed manual Base price range: $31,200 to $38,900
Tested: Convertible AWD, 225-hp turbo Four, 6-speed manual
The TT is an artfully designed car with a well-crafted interior. It accelerates quickly and handles
securely, and is the only car of the group to offer all-wheel drive. However, its ride is stiff and the
least comfortable of these five cars, and there is a lot of cabin noise. ----Priced at about $42,000,
the TT is one of the least-expensive cars here.
The TT handles neatly most of the time, but the body leans in hard turns. The steering is quick
and well weighted. All-wheel drive helps traction on slick surfaces. Driven fast at our track, the
TT proved predictable and secure, but not as sporty as the Corvette or Boxster. When pressed
beyond its limits, it tended to plow--lose grip at the front wheels--a bit earlier than the others.
But the TT acquitted itself well in our avoidance-maneuver test.

Ride comfort is compromised by the stiff suspension, which makes the car jiggly and nervous on
smooth roads and almost_ jarring on_ rough pavement. __Road, wind, and engine noise are loud
enough to drown out conversation. The 225-hp, 1.8-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine delivers
lively performance. __Expect -22 mpg in mixed driving on premium fuel. __The six-speed manual
transmission has well-chosen ratios but has a shifter that feels vague. An automatic is not offered.
The base trim level has a 180-hp version of the 1.8-liter Four coupled to a five-speed manual
gearbox. Braking performance was excellent overall.

Our tall drivers felt cramped, while our five-footer felt she was sitting too low for comfort. Long
clutch-pedal travel forced some drivers to sit closer to the wheel than they liked. With the top
up, visibility is poor, with large blind spots._- However, the glass rear window provides clearer
visibility than the Boxster's plastic window. __The seat is firm and well shaped, but getting in
and out of the car takes dexterity. ___-The gauges are easy to see and controls are nicely lit.
Storage nooks are small but plentiful._ The two cup holders are sturdy but hard to reach. The
trunk is tiny. We could fit just one suitcase and a weekend bag, but not a set of golf clubs or
a folded wheelchair. A temporary spare stores beneath the floor.
Click button
to see video

POWERED CLOTH The powered cloth top works well. _-A plastic wind deflector (not shown) helps
reduce wind buffeting when the top is down. Standard safety gear includes side air bags and safety
belts equipped with pretensioners and force-limiters. __Sensors_ detect_ when a safety belt is not
buckled, which allows the appropriate air bag to deploy in slightly less severe crashes._- The fixed
head restraints are tall enough to provide whiplash protection. __No_- frontal-crash-test results are
available. A government side-impact test predicted no or minor injury for the driver.
Bumper damage was extensive.

Driving with kids. There's a cutoff switch for the passenger's frontal air bag. Most child seats should
fit well. Rear-facing infant seats may require additional bolstering to position them properly.

Reliability. Our car had two sample defects. The most serious was a flywheel problem that required
an extended dealer stay. The TT has a worse-than-average reliability record.

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